What is a consignment store?
A consignment store is a shop that sells second-hand items on behalf of the original owner who receives a percentage of the selling price. At m i n t . we do a 50% even split over all consignment clothing. With a $3 processing fee for every drop off.
How do you price the clothes?
We stay current with the retail prices. All factors are taken into consideration; brand name, style and condition. We encourage your feedback with the higher priced items you bring to sell. Tell us what you paid and how long ago you purchased the garment. The more information you can give us the better.
Do you buy clothes on the spot?
No, we only sell clothing on behalf.

How long are my items in store?
Once your items are processed they will be on the rack for a total of 7 weeks.        4 weeks at full price after that 3 weeks at ½ price.

How do I collect my money?
You can collect account balance in store with Eftpos.

What kind of payments do you take?
We take cash, eftpos and credit. 
No checks. No layby. No payway. No afterpay.
Do you wash or clean the clothes?
No, your clothes must be freshly washed or dry-cleaned. There must be no odours, stains or damage, for us to accept your clothing.

Will you take everything I bring in?
Chances are no, we won't. It depends on what season, quality, brand and what we are looking for at that time. Another large factor is stock limits, whether or not we have space for any new items.

Why didn’t you accept my clothes? 
Clothes are accepted for sale, based on a set criteria. These can include, quality, condition, style & season. We accept what we think will sell. Please don’t be offended if we decline your items.

When can I bring in items to consign, do I have to make an appointment?
Anytime within the store hours. There is no need to make an appointment, just pop in and drop your clothes off. We may sort your clothes on spot if time permits it.

Do you accept mens & womens clothing?  
Yes, we sure do. All mens and womens clothing is welcome.  

Do you accept children/baby clothing?  
No, we will not be accepting children under 12 or baby's clothing.

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